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We are thankful to those who have included North Texas Public Broadcasting (KERA) in their estate plans. Here are their stories.

KERA would like to feature your legacy in print, on-air, and on our website. If you have included KERA in your charitable planning and would be willing to share your story, please let us know.

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Jacqueline Maki

As a listener, viewer, and volunteer, I am informed and inspired by KERA's honest, creative programming. Although I've been a donor for years, I never considered including KERA in my estate planning; I thought I had so little to give.

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Mac McGinnis

I believe in planned giving because of the assurance it gives me that my assets will be distributed as I wish. I like the flexibility a planned gift, such as the one I've included for KERA in my estate plan, which once in place can be easily modified to reflect changes in personal asset distributions, philanthropic objectives, and legal considerations.

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